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Mar 2015
Mar 18 2015 01:58
is there any feature plan or roadmap on angular material design?
Matt Traynham
Mar 18 2015 02:13
@calidion You could look at the milestones, but it's been suggested those are not deadlines.
Dave Ackerman
Mar 18 2015 13:43
there still seems to be that "required" bug where the fields turn red even though they aren't invalid yet...
Mar 18 2015 16:43
@mtraynham thanks. It seems they are based on issues. Does the team have their own attitudes on how they will plan the material design besides the issues?
Matt Traynham
Mar 18 2015 19:04
@calidion I can't speak for the material team. But... my guess is there will be a lot of movement to get things working with the release of Angular 2.x, so they can be shipped at the same time. The new angular website already uses the alpha/beta version.
Paraphrased... "Here have this new 10x faster framework, and oh look, all these nice components work with it."
But I don't even think the Angular2 team knows when they will release, so we're all sort of in limbo. I would consider that milestone page, a probably done roadmap...
Ed Pelc
Mar 18 2015 19:10
I've been here since around 0.4 or 0.5 and the milestones are usually on time or within a few days. But I've also noticed alot of issue get pushed back(however if anything is ever added it always seems to be to the next milestone instead of a realistic milestone to begin with)