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Mar 2015
Mar 24 2015 06:13
it there any example on input for file uploading?
Mar 24 2015 19:48
hi guys...any one knows where I can find the themes.css file? seems to be missing in 0.8.3.
Matt Traynham
Mar 24 2015 19:51
@seshakiran It's generated at run-time and appended to the DOM, based on how you configure the angular service $mdThemingProvider
Mar 24 2015 20:04
@mtraynham cool. earlier it was directly using the css I think. Do you know why it was changed specifically this way?
thanks @mtraynham. appreciate it. I am going to configure the app
Matt Traynham
Mar 24 2015 20:08
I havn't been around here long enough to know, but my guess is you don't need to use all the themes so it only generates the one you need. Looks like this was the start of that change:
Marcy Sutton
Mar 24 2015 22:37
@seshakiran the themes CSS has to be generated by JS, it was a strategy to limit the amount of CSS going over the wire