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May 2015
Miloš Stanić
May 06 2015 09:22
Screen Shot 05-06-15 at 11.19 AM.PNG
the above is the site with angular-material 0.8.3
Screen Shot 05-06-15 at 11.22 AM.PNG
the above is the site with angular-materail 0.9.0
buttons are all wider and the font on the buttons seems to be smaller
Vinay Agarwal
May 06 2015 21:34
Hello, are the font colors adjusted (automatically) with the theme palette change? Do they change automatically when ".dark()" theme is chosen?
Marcy Sutton
May 06 2015 22:40
@MilosStanic it is closer to the spec now, you can use .md-icon-button to not have the min-widths