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May 2015
Gabriel Kohen
May 08 2015 13:49
I know that 0.9 is out (Kudos to the team). Anyone knows about the 0.10 ETA?
Dave Ackerman
May 08 2015 16:51
Is there a way to make the subheader sticky contained to the section?
This message was deleted
let me get a screenshot without emails :+1: :)
Mike Haas
May 08 2015 18:38

I'm trying to figure out this flex layout stuff. Can someone take a look at this:

I'm essentially building an "item" control that gets repeated. The "cell" button should take full height of the row. When the "cell" button is clicked I want to bind to a click handler and when the rest of the row is clicked I want to bind to another click handler.

Maybe I shouldn't be using the grid system for the granularity of control I'm making.