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May 2015
Rares Golea
May 14 2015 09:33
sorry for the inconvenience but… does someone know how to, in an <md-list-item>disable the secondary button? I’m trying to use ng-if but it simply just disables the icon. the button is still there...
here is an example
Dave Ackerman
May 14 2015 13:20
is there a way to make a subheader sticky, but within a container?
Gabriel Kohen
May 14 2015 13:26
This is not the prettiest but seems to be working:
Gabriel Kohen
May 14 2015 13:53
@dmackerman you need to get the subheader outside of the list. It would be helpful to put both within md-content. @rgolea, it would be helpful to put on ng-click instead of two on the description and img as I did. Also try to use mg-icon instead img.