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May 2015
May 27 2015 06:50
@dmackerman, as soon as I found this is not supported now
Rares Golea
May 27 2015 07:10
Hey! I don’t know if it’s my problem or there is a small bug in angular/material… angular/material#2977 Basically in an mdList, the secondary button doesn’t get the aria-label properly. Mac’s VoiceOver surely doesn’t read it. You can see more details in the issue I’ve submitted. Does anyone have any idea in which other way can I implement it?
Vinay Agarwal
May 27 2015 14:24
Hello, how do we specify alpha component for a palette color?
May 27 2015 20:08
hi there, i am having an issue in my app where angular material is injecting several repeated style tags in the head of my app. any ideas?
May 27 2015 20:42
(is there a way to paste a image here?)
Marcy Sutton
May 27 2015 21:20
@demetriusnunes that's how theming works, it looks like that due to a bug in Safari
Good catch @rgolea, it's a bug. For some reason the md-icons are ending up with aria-hidden="true" which negates aria-label in the accessibility tree.
That is sort-of a confusing API, because the code actually wraps your md-icon in a semantic button element. Just as an FYI
May 27 2015 22:56
@marcysutton really? I mean, there are 15 <style> sections in the head and another 15 in the body. They all are pretty bulky and look the same.
ok, the body ones are not angular-material fault. they are coming from bounce.js