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May 2015
May 29 2015 08:50
Wow.. the new layout for the site is really annoying now
barely any room left on the list to the left
and i can't use pagedown/pageup anymore within the demo pages
also the button to go to the demo from api pages is gone
Marcy Sutton
May 29 2015 13:57
@xenit-raven file a Github issue
Dave Ackerman
May 29 2015 16:45
@marcysutton is there anything special you have to do to get toolbars to be sticky on top of <md-content>
it seems inconsistent.
Dave Ackerman
May 29 2015 16:50
ah. it appears that the md-toolbar-tools class is required inside toolbar for it to work
nope. i’m wrong :)
think i was missing layout-fillon a parent container