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Jul 2015
Pascal Brokmeier
Jul 06 2015 10:01
Hello Everyone. We’re working on a university project with angular material. Sadly (as expected, but it still has to work) IE is making a lot of trouble
Pascal Brokmeier
Jul 06 2015 10:08
Has anyone had experience with putting a Select / List / DateInput into a <div layout=“row”></div> and then applying e.g. flex=“25”to the contained md-select?
I made a codepen to show the problem (you need to open it with a current IE)
Patrick Finkbeiner
Jul 06 2015 10:19
Hey material-ninjas, does anyone have the same issue with md-contact-chips? I've got this TypeError: $scope.textChange is not a function error. I guess autocomplete is the problem here. I'm on 1.4.1 and use material version 0.10.0
I've tried to catch the $query in my controller which didn't work and even the console.log didn't fire…
Pascal Brokmeier
Jul 06 2015 10:23
nevermind, I found the issue is already being tracked
Rares Golea
Jul 06 2015 14:21
can mdchips and mdautocomplete have max items?
Patrick Finkbeiner
Jul 06 2015 14:25
I dont think so. Never seen something like that. If you want to have a limit i think you have to limit it in your controller first
Dave Ackerman
Jul 06 2015 16:07
anyone found a good way to limit the “height” of textarea to be the same as inputs? I need an expanding textarea, but don’t want the min-height to be more than one line.