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Sep 2015
Sep 08 2015 00:49
hi does anyone know how to do layout like main website? I fail to get it behave like the main website using <md-sidenav>. Is there any special setting?
Jorge Cortes
Sep 08 2015 02:49
@infacq Hi, try to look at their code on github, They are using two directives basically menuToggle and menuLink
Sep 08 2015 10:19
can I use material with Angular 2?
Laurent Grima
Sep 08 2015 12:38
Hello guys ! Is there any way to use md-autocomplete with an icon on the left side ? Similar to regular input. Thanks
Andrea Macchieraldo
Sep 08 2015 12:45
Hi everyone
Rick Lee-Morlang
Sep 08 2015 17:52
@Tallyb Try fill instead of color
Sep 08 2015 22:15
how do I build angular2/modules/angular2_material ? It doesn't seem to be included in the standard build gulpfile