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Sep 2015
Sep 11 2015 18:21
Hello all! I am new to AngularJS and Material Design. Each year I try to learn a new technical skill and I have chosen Material Design. I have a hello world app working using md-autocomplete. REALLY enjoy learning this code! I am now working to get md-virtual-repeat going but I am running into some challenges. Could someone share some tutorial info that would help move me along? MD is really elegant looking and I hoping to get proficient at it! Thanks in advance!
Dan Ryan
Sep 11 2015 19:56
Is there a good way to jump to a certain scroll position/index in a md-virtual-repeat directive? In particular, I would like to jump to the position clicked on when transitioning away from the page last visit. Would $anchorScroll somehow work?
Dan Ryan
Sep 11 2015 20:06
It looks like the md-virtual-repeat-container directive’s controller has a scrollTo method… Can I directly call this method on the directive controller from within my template controller?