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Sep 2015
Sep 24 2015 04:58
Hi there I wanted to change the height of textarea in angular/material so that it matches the other textboxes in the whiteframe .Problem is any css used is not getting applied to the textbox. I have tries ng-style too but no use. Please see figure for details
Here company address is the textarea which is nt aliging properly due to a defualt { height: 30px; } is getting applied to text area all the time.
Paul Bailey
Sep 24 2015 13:52
@adilogin15 ngMaterial automatically sets the height of the area as you type so that is probably overriding your styles. If you really wanted to override that you could use !important in your CSS, or use min-height instead of height. However, I think that is part of the material design spec for the textarea to grow like it does. So I would say don't change that unless you have a really good reason too.