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Sep 2015
Patrick Finkbeiner
Sep 30 2015 14:42
Well, I’m not quite sure but I think you must set templateUrl: 'terms-and-conditions.html’ otherwise you should notice an error in your browser console?!
Sep 30 2015 16:25
actually it is a handlebars file
I changed it to html . Problem is on clicking the link on my webpage , it gives a 500 error. I couldnt figure it out why .
Sep 30 2015 16:31
here is my code at frontend
 <md-checkbox flex="50" ng-model="signupInfo.termsAndConditions" required>
                I Agree to <a href="#" ng-click="showtacdialog($event)">Terms and Conditions</a>
i get
GET /terms-and-conditions.html 500 24.176 ms -
Jorge Cortes
Sep 30 2015 16:49
Hello, everyone knows if it is possible to apply templates using md-tabs inside each md-tab?
Miloš Stanić
Sep 30 2015 17:01
@adilogin15 you must put full path to terms-and-conditions.html, but relative to root of the webserver, i.e. your project root. The client is trying to get the file from the root dir, which is probably not allowed in .htaccess or something. I'm sure this is a file path issue
Sep 30 2015 18:38
if it was file path issue the error number should be 404