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Oct 2015
Oct 26 2015 01:09
@sharpshooter90 Might be better to use multiple themes for this, with a backgroundPalette on the secondary theme. Description here
Michael Prentice
Oct 26 2015 03:20
@sharpshooter90 I don’t believe that there is a simple way to hook into the material themes service at this time. there are some issues open to provide this, but no complete/testable PRs yet to provide the features
Oct 26 2015 04:25
I see release 1.0 is coming out, are they gonna include the request of including a range slider?
Fannar M. Sigurðsson
Oct 26 2015 10:17
@austenLacy Sorry for late response. I am using Chrome Version 46.0.2490.71 m
@austenLacy When i checked my version for chrome it' told me there was an update available so I updated chrome now it is Version 46.0.2490.80 m . But the Error is still there :)
Fannar M. Sigurðsson
Oct 26 2015 10:24
@austenLacy I found out what was wrong, and ofc its always the same problem (the thing between the keyboard and chair). When i updated the .JS file for Material to 0.11.4 i forgot to update the .css . Tnx for the help though
Fannar M. Sigurðsson
Oct 26 2015 11:22
I am having some trouble understanding the auto complete directive. does any one here know of an good tutorial site ? (more extensive than the default demo site )
Elias Hdez
Oct 26 2015 20:40
Is there a support for Angular v2?