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Oct 2015
Michael Prentice
Oct 27 2015 04:53
@eliashdezr not yet, it’s being worked on
Michael Prentice
Oct 27 2015 05:29
Material for Angular2 progress can be tracked here:
Thomas Burleson
Oct 27 2015 08:24
Here are the slides on Angular Material [presented last week at Angular Connect in London]: Most of the slides have notes that should help provide context.
Sadiq Khoja
Oct 27 2015 09:26
why layout gets disturbed when one field is $touched
does anyone have an idea?
Oct 27 2015 09:30
Hello! Anybody can tell me how can i put a toolbar footer?
How can I change the colour from a toolbar ?
Oct 27 2015 13:05
Can you use Material with ng2 through ng-upgrade?
Diego Aguilar Aguilar
Oct 27 2015 15:14
Hello, have someone built directives to simplify the work of angular material?
I mean, get complete menus or nav bars with a couple directives
Jhon Mike
Oct 27 2015 16:39
Para os brasileiros de plantão slack da comu angular brasil convites em @brazil
Oct 27 2015 17:37
i must be doing something wrong with virtual repeats
            <div md-virtual-repeat="item in">
                <div {{item.label}}</div>
this doesn't work
            <div ng-repeat="item in">
                <div {{item.label}}</div>
does work
anyone got a clue why ?
** when I say "doesn't work", I mean that nothing appears on the display
George Song
Oct 27 2015 17:42
@jmls You’re positive exists? Can you just output it in another part of the template, or examine the scope?
Oct 27 2015 17:48
@gsong : for sure - that's the point, I just remove the <md-virtual-repeat-container> tags, change md-virtual-repeat to ng-repeat and it starts working
George Song
Oct 27 2015 17:52
@jmls Hmmm, the only thing I can see is that your mark up is wrong <div>{{ item.label }}</div>
Oct 27 2015 17:59
bugger. that's just a typo
Oct 27 2015 18:05
I suspect that it's tied to container heights
if you start messing with the css here
then you see it all starts going to pot
George Song
Oct 27 2015 18:06
@jmls Try specifying md-item-size in your md-virtual-repeat
Oct 27 2015 18:10
yeah, no change :(
George Song
Oct 27 2015 19:03
Sorry, not sure what to tell you. I’ve used it successfully before.