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Oct 2015
Oct 28 2015 05:35
Hello guyz, need small help over grid section
i want to align all four grid in single line
any help plz
Oct 28 2015 09:08
Hello how can I resize a left side toolbar?
Cristian Trifan
Oct 28 2015 11:54
@jmls set the height of the container and it will show. Take a look at the demo on the site too.
Oct 28 2015 13:26
hi all, I'm trying to get me head around Material Design, I still cannot understand what it is and how it compares to boostrap (if it can be compared). It is an specification ?it is a framework ? it is both ? angular material looks pretty good and I'm thinking about replacing boostrap for angular material
It’s one implementation of Google’s Material Design, specifically for Angular 1.x
And yes, you can use it in place of Bootstrap. It’s not as feature rich as Bootstrap, so you can use both if you want.
Oct 28 2015 18:18
gsong : can you use both ?
I was unaware of that - it would actually help a lot ;)
can someone tell me how to have a "sticky" div on top (ie it doesn't scroll with the page) and 3 columns A B C underneath this div , each with their own scrolling , using the gird layout of angular material .. really would appreciate it as I'm losing what's left of my hair ..
George Song
Oct 28 2015 18:22
@jmls Why not? They’re just css, as long as their namespaces don’t collide.
Oct 28 2015 18:24
@gsong bootstrap also has js, but I thought that there were come collisions in the css - but that was a while ago so perhaps things have changed. Or I'm just being thick as usual ;)
George Song
Oct 28 2015 18:24
@jmls If you’re using Angular, you should use ui-bootstrap.
Don’t use the Bootstrap JS directly.
Oct 28 2015 18:25
ah ha. This is from 0.9.0 changelog ..
"Refactoring and limiting of Global styles to be more compatible with other frameworks (like Bootstrap)"