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Oct 2015
Bryan Harris
Oct 30 2015 03:47
any one have any clues as to why the popup for a md-select would be locate its self to the top of the screen instead of where the select is located?
Public Name
Oct 30 2015 10:21
Hello, does anyone know what is the problem with ink-ripple effect on menu buttons? In my project animation is far from smooth. And even on material website you can see an example of this video: . When you click on menu items that have simple pages animation is ok. When you click on for example "Tabs" ripple animation is not smooth. This only gets worse as pages get more complex. Am I doing something wrong or is this a real issue?
Sadiq Khoja
Oct 30 2015 13:20
which version of angular this project is targeting?
Forum says Angular 1.3 only
Patrick Finkbeiner
Oct 30 2015 13:20
Angular 1.x I guess
Sadiq Khoja
Oct 30 2015 13:21
whereas demo is using 1.4.7
Oct 30 2015 15:54

I have this html

    <md-content flex="15">
            <input somefield>

        <section layout="column">
            <p ng-repeat="some data"></p>


and I want to keep the input container visible at all times when scrolling through the data. I've tried various css things and failed, was wondering if someone could help point me in the right direction ..


Miloš Stanić
Oct 30 2015 18:20
@jmls why don't you wrap the input container in md-toolbar? That should keep it fixed