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Oct 2015
Michael Prentice
Oct 31 2015 06:47
@sadiqkhoja latest 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 are supported atm AFAIK
Oct 31 2015 10:44
can someone tell me why the toolbar is scrolling in this codepen ? Thanks!
Michael Prentice
Oct 31 2015 13:52
@jmls were you looking for behavior something like this?
The md-content won't add a scroll bar of its own unless its height is constrained in some way. Also the toolbar was inside the md-content.
Oct 31 2015 13:56
@Splaktar nice
Ervin Ebalo
Oct 31 2015 14:01
Hi, based on what I have below, can someone help me on how to make my footer stay to the bottom of my browser window if my main content does not have enough content. I don't want a sticky footer. Thanks!
<body layout="column" >
  <md-toolbar >

  <div layout="row" flex>
    <md-sidenav class="md-sidenav-left md-whiteframe-z2 " flex >

    <md-content flex layout="row" layout-align="center start">
      <div style="max-width: 1600px;" flex layout="column" layout-fill >
        <div >
          this is the main content
        <div >
          this is the footer