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Nov 2015
Miloš Stanić
Nov 02 2015 16:18
Hi guys, I have this weird artefact on md-input-container, the background image which should be a linear gradient, displays as a one-third uniform grey block screenshot
the code is normal
    <label>Sheet Name</label>                        
    <input type="text" ng-model="">
and theme initialization is normal
any ideas?
Poyraz Yilmaz
Nov 02 2015 18:38
I have some sort of css issue with it styles order at header is incorrect which cause some problems. For example for md-tabs component active tab title will be white as it shouldnt be white as default. here is the issue I opened if anyone interests any help would be welcome Urigo/angular-meteor#817
Miloš Stanić
Nov 02 2015 18:46
@wickY26 the problem I described above is also from angular-meteor. Maybe it is causing problems for us
and I had a same problem with tabs that you have in another angular-meteor tabs, just I wasn't aware that the styles order was causing it