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Nov 2015
Nov 03 2015 11:57
How can i minimize the md dialog box
Cristian Trifan
Nov 03 2015 19:06
For md-tabs how cand I programmatically set the active tab? md-selected does not seem to be an option. The demo on the site displays the selected index without querying the md-tabs - just some static text.
Jonathan Petitcolas
Nov 03 2015 19:09
Hi guys! Awesome project, really. :) But, I can't figure out how to display my date picker correctly. Either if I use SASS version or if I use demo CSS, I still got a transparent background (see Any idea?
Denko Manceski
Nov 03 2015 21:49
jpetit I had the same problem, check this out: angular/material#5369