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Nov 2015
Peter Andreas Moelgaard
Nov 18 2015 06:06
I have been trying to implement an md-card-overlay for md-card, but I can't get the CSS right, has anyone done something like that ?
The reason for this is that I want to show the overlay on activation of the card (e.g. Mouse-Over, Tap or Long-Press). with e.g. Tools or Options for the Card.
Luca Corsilli
Nov 18 2015 08:40
I found this gitter chat useful but I don’t think we will ever recevice support here.
teso cod
Nov 18 2015 09:24
Hello everyone I have a question how to get file path in <img> by Jquery ? thank you :D
Peter Andreas Moelgaard
Nov 18 2015 09:53
@tesodara have you tried asking the question on a jQuery specific forum ?
Dave Ackerman
Nov 18 2015 15:10
@tesodara couldjn’t you just get the src attribute?
Todd Werelius
Nov 18 2015 17:01
@Lc0re all issues ( defects - feature requests against spec ) are handled via github and questions/how-to's are probably better posted on the forum!forum/ngmaterial or stack overflow
@pmoelgaard you mean something similar to how udemy does there hover over on their cards? Can you post pen example of what you have so far?
Todd Werelius
Nov 18 2015 17:18
@Lc0re I don't have that problem on firefox, could be the version I am using, but in general sticky app-bar behavior is pretty quirky if you don't use the exact layout they prescribe for your top level elements here is a pen that works on FF for me pay attention to the attributes of body, and the flex for the md-content which fills the space between the top and bottom bar precisely. If this doesn't work on your version of FF you can open an issue