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Nov 2015
Dev Sharma
Nov 24 2015 06:37
Hello Everyone ,
Please help me to find input type checkbox value in a variable that could be use in a function on change of that checkbox
also i need to get attribute value of the any input element in angular way
Nov 24 2015 10:58
how to create responsive angular material flex ?
Dave Ackerman
Nov 24 2015 18:09
@pushkaradhikari what do you mean?
you can use the sm md lg prefixes on flex
Witold Cyrek
Nov 24 2015 19:35
is this project supposed to replace all of bootstrap? or is it likely I will use both?
Felix Becker
Nov 24 2015 19:37
It seems like it is aiming for providing an alternative to bootstrap, but some components in bootstrap are not in ngMaterial.
Witold Cyrek
Nov 24 2015 20:43
I see. Thanks! I will be using both I guess, jsut hope there wont be any overlap, as people never had the forsight to use very complex class names for CSS, as it makes it harder to use.