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Dec 2015
Dec 07 2015 13:07
How could i make a sidenav like the one on the offical website ?
so the menu appears "fixed"
Dec 07 2015 16:17
@steezeburger : thanks
my problem was with the layout attribute (and the lack of in my code…)
Sean Larkin
Dec 07 2015 20:25
Hey all/ @everyone!!! I've been working on making a snackbar for my works component library. So I've taken advantage of InterimElement class/function.
I'd love to simply use the interimElementProvider that material.core uses so I don't have to piece together something externally in my own code. Is there a way to import via npm, etc. lets just say $mdCompilerService and $$interimElementProvider without having to import all of angular-material
Ed Pelc
Dec 07 2015 21:56
@ThomasBurleson you here?
This message was deleted
nm I have to go email me if im needed