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Dec 2015
anyone know of a carousel for material ?
Dec 11 2015 08:08 UTC
Hi @jmls , I don't know any carousel, but if I needed one I would start from tabs. To illustrate, see my quizz based on material tab customization : Hope it will give you some kind help.
Craig Shearer
Dec 11 2015 08:21 UTC
Anybody using angular-material with jspm? I have a problem with the CSS and many style elements being loaded which messes things up.
@MacKentoch thanks, will look
another question: is it possible to prepend / append to an input ? for example, I want to prompt for a url name, but have "http://"; + input + "" where the user can only change "input"
Dec 11 2015 08:59 UTC
@craigsh I don't have any problem using jspm (I only use jspm). I suggest you have a look at my repo I submitted previously : . Maybe it could give you a clue on your problem.
Craig Shearer
Dec 11 2015 09:00 UTC
@MacKentoch thanks, I'll take a look.
Dec 11 2015 09:06 UTC
@jmls I'm not sure to understand your need, answer could be to use a custom filter or managing it in your controller.
Craig Shearer
Dec 11 2015 09:13 UTC
@MacKentoch I've forked and run up your project. Works nicely - very impressive. However, when I load up the Chrome dev tools and look at the head, I see lots of style entries inserted - same as mine. So perhaps this is the normal behaviour.
My actual issue I'm trying to solve is why the results of the markup in my project don't work properly when the same markup works perfectly fine in a codepen.
Dec 11 2015 09:23 UTC
@craigsh to be honest I did not notice that. Thank you for pointing it out, I will check it too.
Craig Shearer
Dec 11 2015 09:25 UTC
Yeah, it seems odd. But I've solved my problem now - turns out that the codepen I was trying stuff out on was running on the 1.0.0-rc5 version whereas I was using an older version. Once I updated the layout issue disappeared.
So, thanks - indirectly you helped me solve it.
Dec 11 2015 09:31 UTC
@craigsh I see that amazing. In fact it seems it is not related to JSPM but angular material, see it occurs too in angular material website header :
Craig Shearer
Dec 11 2015 09:32 UTC
Ah, well I'm glad it's not just me then! :)
Dec 11 2015 09:41 UTC

I added a comment next to your [github issue]
Hope it will help to understand this since it is a bit ugly (not functionnal breaking bug).

Anyway, angular material is so nice and is to my mind the best way to add material design when on angular js.

Jonathan Solorzano
Dec 11 2015 14:12 UTC
Guys, why Google uses polymer instead of angular-material for their projects (at least that's what I've heard, it it true?)?
Dmitri Zaitsev
Dec 11 2015 14:50 UTC
Hi guys, any directions how to use individual components from Angular Material in separation? All examples I found always import the whole library when only using small parts of it.
Dec 11 2015 14:59 UTC
@dmitriz as far as I know, angular material is a complete front end framework so it is not meant to be component used. But in a certain way it seems interesting in some case to be able to bundle only your needed components.
Sean Larkin
Dec 11 2015 15:37 UTC
@dmitriz and also some of those awesome core services that you guys use like $$interemElementProvider and $mdCompilerService
Derrick Morton
Dec 11 2015 16:16 UTC
kinda new to Angular, does anyone have experience with using Angular 1.5 component method?
Dmitri Zaitsev
Dec 11 2015 16:24 UTC
@MacKentoch Adding the whole library adds a lot of weight to the webpage. I have seen separate components in the source and was hoping to use them in isolation. Is there really no priority on making it possible? Or maybe third party projects doing that?
angular-material.min.js is 270kB and angular-material.min.css is 200kB - that's almost 500kB in total. Is that not going to be a performance problem, esp. on the mobile?
Maksim Kazmenko
Dec 11 2015 17:07 UTC
Hello. I identified small misstatement here: in section "Build a Material Application (blank shell)" in HTML code. Must be <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> but not <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> otherwise it work not correctly.
Dec 11 2015 21:31 UTC
is there enough 'there' in both angular2 and material to use? It's a practice app, but I'm not experienced enough to understand and resolve the bleeding edge.
Dave Ackerman
Dec 11 2015 22:08 UTC
@jjarrell50 Material doesn’t exist for Angular 2 yet.