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Dec 2015
Ahti Nurme
Dec 15 2015 08:25
Hi. Where can I find what browsers are supported for ngMaterial?
Jonathan Solorzano
Dec 15 2015 11:55
what are the news at angular-material v1 ?
Dec 15 2015 12:15
Is There any Useful Links in Angular js Services and Factories Plz Provide Links,I am Not Getting These Concepts..
Dec 15 2015 12:27
@SURENDRA517 these are nearly the same. When starting angularjs I suggest (everyone can disagree) : if you code ES5, stick to factories, if ES6 services are better since they can be implemented with a class.
Dec 15 2015 12:28
ES5 and ES6 Means JavaScript Code
Dec 15 2015 12:31

Yes recently people name ES6 = ES2015.
Today navigators only interpret ES5.

But you can use tools to already code ES6 to profit JavaScript new features like class, arrow functions...

Dec 15 2015 13:05
hi. Anybody got a clue how to create a static progress bar in angular material?
where static = no animation
Dec 15 2015 14:11
I don't understand what is a progress bar that is not animated to show progress :question:
Dec 15 2015 19:27
hey tring out errors and when i copy paste the errors demo into my app i see the messages before the first time the user interacts with any given input
can anyone tell me how to make sure errors are hidden on inital load like the demo does
Dec 15 2015 22:03
Is it possible to select a tab programmatically?
Craig Shearer
Dec 15 2015 22:08
@jean-morissette you can bind md-selected to something on your view model and then set that and the tab with that index will be selected.