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Dec 2015
Dzenan Smailagic
Dec 22 2015 04:58
Hello! :) Does anyone know, how to make a scrollable fixed right sidenav and full-width/height main content? I found no solution for that (googled long enough), and the docs are not helpful.
Dec 22 2015 07:51
@Kolorbon is the menu not full width by default? You could set it to position:fixed; .Pretty sure it's full width by default though, might be that another of your styles is conflicting with it
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Dec 22 2015 15:10
Dec 22 2015 15:28
Hello everybody! How do you implement timepicker using material design since we dont have it yet?
Sebastien Arod
Dec 22 2015 16:44
Hi, Is there an api to list colors in the palette with their associated default color. This would be very useful for widget needing to generate material design colors like charts
I found that there is a $mdColorPalette constant but it seems that it is quite transform between it's definition in theme.palette.js and the time it is injected.