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Dec 2015
Minh Trí
Dec 24 2015 14:51
Which link for ang material icon? @MacKentoch
Dec 24 2015 15:04

@tringuyenminh92 I use svg icons from google github.

I get them local (I prefer). I copy svg icons thanks to a gulp task to my public directory where I manage them to be cached.

You can install though

  • bower $ bower install material-design-icons
  • npm npm install material-design-icons

When I search a google material icon name (that I need) I search here list and search input for google material icons.

To conclude that is my way. It may not be everyone's way (some could prefer can link*)

*link(won't be cached) :

<link href=""
Dec 24 2015 22:55
Hello, is there a simple way to detect if the browser supports angular material? I have created a website and want to show a message, if the browser wont support it. It looks very bad if the visitor look at a damaged view. Thanks for helping.