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Jan 2016
Jan 07 2016 08:02
@iloveyo123u1 thanks very much
Fanie Reynders
Jan 07 2016 14:33
how can I convert the slider to a range slider?
Jan 07 2016 16:52
is there a way to get the last card to be aligned left without having to resort to some funky code to put the last card in a separate container?
ugh.. preview is column, need to see on full site to see what i mean
Jan 07 2016 17:36
so the answer is no, not possible
Florian Knop
Jan 07 2016 17:36
@tonyeung align start start ?
Jan 07 2016 17:38
that will left align everything
@fknop the answer was to enter in a bunch of empty elements