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Jan 2016
Patrick Finkbeiner
Jan 18 2016 08:52
Hm, have you looked at maybe a good compromise.
Jan 18 2016 09:46
@pfinkbeiner MDL looks worse, also it provides much less features. I ask about Angular Material, because I worry about application performance if I load it on each page.
Jan 18 2016 12:09
Hello, does anyone know how to fix this "bug" (
When the modal open, the button still there at the bottom - right. This occurs only with Windows Phone.
Jan 18 2016 12:11
Hi @VinceG
I needed working example of jasmine test
in which we are testing observable service
Gediminas Bivainis
Jan 18 2016 13:30
Hello, how would one go about making a full height/no margin or padding logo in a toolbar?
Jan 18 2016 16:21
hi. I'm using <md-tabs> with ui-router. I noticed that when ui-router affects <md-tabs> their animation (<md-tab>'s content sliding in from left or right) doesn't work anymore. Any solution to this?