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Jan 2016
Jan 21 2016 07:00
@korya You saying that the website for angular material sucks on mobile && || developing with angular material for mobile sucks? this is an open source project though , so like .. its free and shit.
Jan 21 2016 13:09
@4tron I appreciate the work done so far by the team and the community. In a very short period of time they made it happen. My main issue is what next? OK, the first milestone is done. There is a stable release that works fine on desktop. But what are the next goals? is it to port it to angular2? is it to optimize it for mobile? is there any roadmap for the project? that what concerns me the most regarding that project
Jan 21 2016 15:51
@4tron i don't think @korya 's concerns are overblown or unreasonable. ngMaterial is google's baby. They have a rep to keep and a standard to uphold. There should be some sort of roadmap published to build confidence in the project's staying power... Even if there are 1k+ issues...
Jan 21 2016 21:31
hey. does anyone know of a material-themed popover/help/tooltip widget for angular-material ? Similar to the bootstrap popover
Jan 21 2016 21:39
@jmls did you look at their demos?