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Jan 2016
Shindeok Kang
Jan 27 2016 00:46
@jesmith17 Yes, not yet :)
Bryan Harris
Jan 27 2016 03:59
you can always use the Material lite
that's what i've been doing at least
Rumes Shyaman
Jan 27 2016 05:05
can anyone guide to use matirial in angular2
Bryan Harris
Jan 27 2016 06:57
@rumes there is a Material2 repository but not all of the components exist yet.
otherwise do as i said before
Rumes Shyaman
Jan 27 2016 07:27
@gufi using matirial lite?.
Adi Prasetyo
Jan 27 2016 08:20
@tonyeung dude any idea? i got many dependency solved via ui-router.resolve . Then how i test it? i stuck from yesterday
Jan 27 2016 13:24
Is there possibility to install angular_material for angular2 via npm or typings??
James Rothpearl
Jan 27 2016 21:37
Would it be possible to use the angular-material library without using flex layout?