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Mar 2016
Cosmin Ronnin
Mar 08 2016 00:10
@gladsonrobinson for Angular 1 or Angular 2 ?
not sure what you mean actually, you're looking for a RESTful layer for your Front End App ? Angular 1 has Restangular and $http, and Angular 2 has Http so far. the fetch polyfill is also an option for any framework, but it requires some extra work
Prakash Choudhary
Mar 08 2016 05:14
can angular material be integrated with angular js 2
Gladson Robinson
Mar 08 2016 06:26
@kosz Am looking for a server side light weight framework for creating rest apis.
Shubham Chaturvedi
Mar 08 2016 10:09
how to disable time for particular interval (EX- 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM) using angularjs timepicker directve max and min property ????
if any one knows that please help
Shubham Chaturvedi
Mar 08 2016 10:15
@prakash-choudhary yup
Ishan Khare
Mar 08 2016 10:46
@gladsonrobinson angular material is not the place to look for a back-end framework, it's strictly focused on front-end. Enabling people to design apps with angularjs and material design. I think angular 2 has some back-end capabilities. Apart from that I think express.js is designed to be the rest framework with node.js
@shubhamdev what do you mean by disable time?
do you want the user to be unable to use the time picker during that time interval? In that case I would suggest using ng-disabled
Cosmin Ronnin
Mar 08 2016 12:49
@shubhamdev can you actually use Angular Material with Angular 2 ?
@gladsonrobinson express.js and koa are often used in the node world. Just like a MEAN app. You can build the MEAN stack yourself, using Angular 2 and manually adding in the rest
Gladson Robinson
Mar 08 2016 13:31
@kosz thanks
@ishankhare07 :)
Mar 08 2016 13:52
I want to integrate a jQuery plugin in Angular 2 (, but something like a ng2-gridstack doesn’t exist yet. They adviced me to use ng-gridstack for Angular 1 and ngUpgrade (
But I only want to use gridstack for one component, do you think I should use all the ngUpgrade thing just for it? Doesn’t an easier way to do it exist?
Sorry, I wanted to post it on angular, not angular material
Jim Gibbs
Mar 08 2016 14:17
I would like to double check that Angular 1.5 is compatible with version 1.0.6. Anyone already have this configuration going?
James Ireland
Mar 08 2016 15:05
@jimgibbs yes, it works, i am using it
Jim Gibbs
Mar 08 2016 16:05
@siteshackinc thanks