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Mar 2016
Daniele De Matteo
Mar 09 2016 12:37
Hello, in my project, some of the styles prepended to head by angular material with the 'md-theme-style' attribute are getting watched by angular (<style md-theme-style="" class="ng-binding"></style>. Does anyone have a similiar behaviuor? Can this be prevented?
Mar 09 2016 16:43
Anyone have an idea about building side nav with accordion menu?
Mar 09 2016 20:03
Hey guys. I'm having an issue with md-tabs and md-icons. I'm trying to use an md-icon in the label instead of using text but if I try to make the icon any bigger (font-size:48px) the icon will no longer be horizontally centered. I have a plnkr here explaining:
Trying to run the codepen in this window does not show the correct result, you will probably have to navigate to the link to see it.