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Mar 2016
Aparna Patil
Mar 16 2016 05:13
Hello everyone, How can I remove the back-ground color effect applying when I click on one of the tabs in md-tab? Below is the link
James Ireland
Mar 16 2016 05:15
well you can edit that via css, just like the demo shows
Aparna Patil
Mar 16 2016 05:16
I tried to remove with the css, but unable to find the element for which this transition property is applied
Aparna Patil
Mar 16 2016 05:35

well, I can see when I click on the tab, the back-ground color property is getting added to the following div

<div class="md-ripple-container"></div>

Below is the link, where I uploaded the image when I click on the tab

I have over-rided the back-ground color property, but not taking into effect. Below is the code -

Andrei Nemes
Mar 16 2016 09:05
This message was deleted
Mar 16 2016 16:08
Mar 16 2016 16:45
Can anybody create a angular/material2 chat room?