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Mar 2016
Ajden Towfeek
Mar 21 2016 09:15
Hey guys, congrats on the ng2 material alpha release, I did a first look screencast on it, seems pretty "popular", almost 1000 views in 1 day, feel free to retweet
omg, I just got a huge preview in the chat, hope it's just me, otherwise sorry for that!
as I said though, great job and congrats!
Mar 21 2016 09:17
Pierre Boissinot
Mar 21 2016 09:50
Hi, once I've installed dependencies ng2 material with npm and i've included my tag component in my template, is there any import to do ? Because I see my material component but without any style or animation
Brandon Oden
Mar 21 2016 10:00
This message was deleted
Pierre Boissinot
Mar 21 2016 11:08
i don't know how to link the css of the material component
I'm exploring Adjen ng2-play project and i see a SystemJS map file but i duno how to deal with. is there any tip to avoid the map ?
Pierre Boissinot
Mar 21 2016 11:40
      packages: {
        app: {
          format: 'register',
          defaultExtension: 'js',
          '@angular2-material/core': {
              format: 'cjs',
              defaultExtension: 'js',
              main: 'core.js'
          '@angular2-material/button': {
              format: 'cjs',
              defaultExtension: 'js',
              main: 'button.js'
    System.import('app.js').then(null, console.error.bind(console));
and the problem is that there is no file button.js in the directory and no auto tsc
Patrick Finkbeiner
Mar 21 2016 12:52
Will there be NPM packages for the release candidates?
Mar 21 2016 14:04
how can i clear the input of an ng2 select
Ajden Towfeek
Mar 21 2016 15:30
@pierreboissinot as you can see in my index.html, I load them a bit differently since button.js is located under @angular2-material/button/button.js
not so pretty, but it works, check out my latest screencast for more info and why I addressed it that way
twitterstatus with link above, don't want to spam the channel :D
Mar 21 2016 16:26
This channel is the most active channel in gitter just outstanding angular 1/2 community 👍
Talking about materials implementation
Pierre Boissinot
Mar 21 2016 16:29
@ajtowf ok thx
Mar 21 2016 17:30
is there a timeline for ng material 2 release date?
Aliaksei Kuncevič
Mar 21 2016 23:45
@jimbojetlag material 2 release date = angular2 release date + N
N = the number of days after angular2 release date