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May 2016
May 01 2016 10:01
Hello! Could somebody show me how realize this: for mobile devices? I tryed to do it as in tutorial (, however this doesnt work :c What is wrong?
Osama Salama
May 01 2016 14:48
Hi, I'm trying to dynamically set background colors for md-card, it seems that md-card doesn't get colored with the same class="md-primary" attribute as other components like buttons or toolbars anyone has an idea how to color md-card using the main themeing attributes
Avran Chand
May 01 2016 16:32
Hi, I am trying to get started with angular material. copied some of the code locally and on plunker , but not working.
Any pointers?
hello - '
Avran Chand
May 01 2016 16:42
any idea why this is not working ?
Eirik Brandtzæg
May 01 2016 17:22
@avranCheck_twitter there are a couple of problems with your code. Firstly you include script.js before you reference Angular. Secondly you try to load the module material.svgAssetsCache without any reference to it