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May 2016
Le Ba Thuan
May 06 2016 02:23
Hello. I have a question. How can I bind data between 2 module? plz, help me. thanks
May 06 2016 16:34
hi, all. i do a fetch in my config to determine what colors to use. it seems AM doesnt respect setting theme palettes after the XHR call. any ideas?
May 06 2016 16:36
Hello, is there any accordion control coming to angular material soon?
Peter Murwa
May 06 2016 16:43
@LeBaThuan use a service then inject in both controllers
May 06 2016 17:20
ie, is there a way to change the theme (after the app has loaded) in the config block?
May 06 2016 17:47
looks like its not possible atm.