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May 2016
Victor Hugo Molinar
May 30 2016 11:52
Hello everyone, does anyone of you have a suggestion of Material Design Css Template with good angular material support?
And of course, compliance with material's spec
Gadzhimari Kachaev
May 30 2016 15:58
Hi everyone. Does anyone know, how to use md-color directive. In docs nothing say in details how to use it. For example on one of my pages I have different font colors. And instead of create yet another class, I just want to use declarative syntax like that. <div md-color="#f00">Some text</div>. How to do it?
Victor Hugo Molinar
May 30 2016 18:28
Hey, just a curiosity... What is the motivation to use md-color rather than simple style attr to font color adjustment?
Lee Blazek
May 30 2016 19:58
@vhmolinar maybe since you can use templating switchers?