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Jun 2016
Walter Cerrudo
Jun 01 2016 14:35
hi, i am starting with angular+material
anyone know of any free template?
Steve Danko
Jun 01 2016 14:36
Has anyone had success using Angular Materials with IE9+, from what I have found it has only be tested on IE11+
Nick D
Jun 01 2016 17:18
Hello everyone. I am currently stuck trying to understand I problem I am having. For some reason, the drop down menu I have hasn't been showing the name of the menu I have created. I have access to the JS file as well (but not to the creation of the controller). Here is a plunk with the menu that I have: any help would be appreciated!
Sorry, there is something wrong with that plunk. I have updated it:
Ahmed Rebai
Jun 01 2016 21:28