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Jun 2016
Rakshak Raghavan
Jun 06 2016 02:25
@samosale have a look at the “Layout Margin, Padding, Wrap and Fill” section in this page :
Hey guys, I am havig some trouble with styling mu grid list. SO bonty on offer :
Jun 06 2016 08:29
morning y'all
was considering using the ui.layout "holy grail" (
but just wanted to ask how hard it would be to replicate in material, or should I just use the ui.layout and put my material stuff in each container ?
Jun 06 2016 10:49
also, how can I "theme" a div so that it appears like a toolbar, for example
(as in the colors etc)
Ron Daniel
Jun 06 2016 11:17
Aleksandar B.
Jun 06 2016 12:05
@Drkstr i just need margin-top not all margin
Jun 06 2016 12:41
hi guys, I'm facing a little problem : the md-select directive, used with multiple attribute, shows checkboxes in dev mode, but once built, it changes the option color when you click on one. Any ideas on this issue ?