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Jun 2016
Jun 17 2016 06:25
<div layout="row" ng-repeat="data in dataDetail" >
<md-input-container class="md-icon-float md-block" flex="50" >
<input ng-model="data.value" type="text" name="username">
i want to put these input field in same row.
@punitaojha : use class="autoScroll" in md content
Ronnie Overby
Jun 17 2016 08:42
Can I get some quick help figuring out why my sidenav wont extend to bottom of viewport?
I know it's my fault, just can't quite get it there.
Just register really quickly to get to the page... it's running on my dev machine and won't send any email or anything
you can use a fake email
Am I asking too much :P
Jun 17 2016 09:28
Tunnel not found
not working
Ronnie Overby
Jun 17 2016 09:46
Yeah, I killed it because I have to demo to a client soon and don't want you guys adding profane things during my demo
I'll be back though
Jun 17 2016 09:46
Roman M.
Jun 17 2016 20:51
Hi there
i am new and would like to ask where to actual add a custom color platte to material design
what file are those palettes with its hex colors declared