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Jun 2016
Sadegh Khosroanjam
Jun 28 2016 05:26
@robteix Thank You Sir
Jun 28 2016 08:36
hi! a short question about the shrink option of toolbars - maybe I misunderstood the concept but is there a way to combine it with an content element which only has an virtual repeat in it?
Vincent Jue
Jun 28 2016 09:10
Hi someone CAN Tell me where i should find a good tutorial for angularjs with php/mysql ?
Jun 28 2016 13:28
Hello is there anyway to set a class's color using md-colors? For instance i can set the background color of a div using this: 'md-colors="::{background: '{{theme}}-accent-500'}"' but how would i change the class that is inside a directive ? e.g. : '<div myDirective md-colors="::{a_class_inside_directive.background: '{{theme}}-accent-500'}"></div>'