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Jul 2016
Daron Jones
Jul 05 2016 01:00
@whittssg I’ve never had to use ng-annotate (luckily) - btw if you set the md-fab-speed-dial to relative and the md-fab-action to position absolute it will remove it from the document flow. Adjust the position of the fab-actions with dev-tools (I got it to right: 8px andbottom: 68px- adjust so that the bouding box of the lower most container is behind the button squarely)and all works fine!
Jul 05 2016 09:45
Is anyone using the angular material directive md-autocomplete and the list does not update accordingly. That is, the list updates one digest cycle later.
Jul 05 2016 11:14
@elgurinn I found the solution, needed to return a promise :)
Jul 05 2016 13:43
Hey everyone - is there a reasonable way for me to use only one component without AM taking over the app? I just want to use the datepicker.
Christiaan Lombard
Jul 05 2016 16:04
@itamark you can make a custom build, if you consider that reasonable, check out
Jul 05 2016 18:44
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