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Jul 2016
Jul 06 2016 06:23
@christiaan-lombard perfect - just what I was looking for. Thanks!
Jul 06 2016 14:16
where does it show in the documentation that you have to use the md-content directive in order for angular material to work?
Christiaan Lombard
Jul 06 2016 14:48
how should I import material2 directives so they are available to all components in my app?
Aaron K Saunders
Jul 06 2016 15:23
how do i get the tab menu to reflect the current state on page refresh? I have tried this, and it is not working...
        $rootScope.$on('$stateChangeStart', function (event, current) {
            setTimeout(function() {
             $rootScope.currentNavItem =;
Felix Becker
Jul 06 2016 20:48
why the timeout?