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Jul 2016
Kfir Ozer
Jul 07 2016 10:30
hi! :) md-menu-bar is really cool. I have only one problem with it. if I clicked on one of the menu items and the submenus beneath are shown, i sometimes move my cursor by mistake to a different top menu item which closes the current sub menu and opens the other. is there a way to disable that behavior so only if I click on top menu they get opened ?
Jul 07 2016 13:17
I see a lot of people put a flex attribute with out any value why is that?
<md-card flex layout="column"> Lorem Ipsum </md-card>
Jul 07 2016 14:58
Does anyone know why the dropdown menu in md-autocomplete overlaps the input while using md-floating-label?
Jul 07 2016 16:31
@elgurinn, found out what the problem was, just some css overwriting
Jul 07 2016 17:38
Hi All, do we have any video to start Angular CLI + Angular 2 + Jasmin
please help me out