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Jul 2016
Manuel Pacheco
Jul 21 2016 15:14
Those high firing event listeners should be light, and by light I mean they should have very restrictive ifs (with fast-to-calculate booleans), so they really don't run. Another thing is to throttle down (people call it debounce) the time intervals you will actually run the core of your listener.
Torgeir Helgevold
Jul 21 2016 16:52
Hey. I am just wondering what Angular material is using to publish npm packages. Specifically I am interested in the tooling used to inline css and html. I can do this using webpack, but curious if there are alternatives. Offline compiler is another option, but it doesn't work for ngUpgrade since it doesn't actually use the offline compiled template when it's converted to an A1 directive. Talking about material for angular 2.0
Justin Stone
Jul 21 2016 21:21
@thelgevold check how material-ui does it...they also have an ongoing discussion about it... callemall/material-ui#4066