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Jul 2016
Jul 28 2016 09:32
sir how to close popup after click href the popup
Jul 28 2016 12:28
  deleteKey(selectedKey) {
      var confirm = this.$mdDialog.confirm()
        .title('Delete Key')
        .textContent('Sind Sie sich sicher das Sie diesen Key: "' + selectedKey.Name + '" löschen wollen?')
        .ok('Yes,Delete Key')
      this.$ {
        console.log(selectedKey._id);// output is 10
        this.$http.delete('/api/dict_keys/' + selectedKey._id);// here Typeerror cannot read prperty of http?

 deleteKey(selectedKey) {
 this.$http.delete('/api/dict_keys/' + selectedKey._id);// working fine
Is angular Material blocking http or something?
Because simple delete with $http.delete request not working
Sayan Bhattacharya
Jul 28 2016 17:06
Did you pass $http in the controller as DI?
try to insert a .catch(function(error){ console.log(error); });
to log the error
Yousef Shanawany
Jul 28 2016 17:08
what's a good material icon for notifications
I don't see a bell icon
nevermind, i found notifications