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Aug 2016
Mykola Polonskyi
Aug 02 2016 08:43
hello. I can't find documentation about "out-of-box" css in material2, and how angular2 include css inside the result SPA. (don't understand is there possible create UI design with material2 only or need something like Twitter Bootstrap in additional)
Lieven Janssen
Aug 02 2016 18:19
Is it possible to open up md-contact-chips on focus with a list of suggestions? similar to the basic example of md-autocomplete.
Marko Bošković
Aug 02 2016 18:20
@lievenjanssen something like ?
Lieven Janssen
Aug 02 2016 18:22
@aussieboi no dropdown should be shown when input is focused even without typing anything in the search
Lieven Janssen
Aug 02 2016 18:36
Like image above