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Aug 2016
Ashvin Kumar Suthar
Aug 05 2016 03:36
try this bower install framework7-angularjs
Jesús López Morales
Aug 05 2016 12:38
Hi, it's possible use $mdMedia in ng-class?
Jesús López Morales
Aug 05 2016 12:45
Okey, i've found the solution
Brad Wertman
Aug 05 2016 16:27
I’m using md-autocomplete to save the name of a user’s school to Firebase on their profile page. If they haven’t set it I have it showing the placeholder text. But if Firebase has a value set for it I want to set that as the value of the input. I can’t seem to find any way to do that with ng-model. What is the best approach for handling this?
Aug 05 2016 21:17
hi, i've forked material from master, and i'm having an issue where when i run gulp karma it brings up the debug browser, but if i actually click the 'debug' button to make use of that, 1. tests start failing that don't fail if i leave it alone 2. the debug tab that opens is blank and 3. partway through the tests, karma crashes