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Aug 2016
Đỗ Ngọc Ngoạn
Aug 12 2016 04:34
hey guys
I have 2 layouts which are different at libraries, and scripts
a login page and the rest of admin pages
I want angularjs resolve 2 these layouts for my projects
How can I resolve this problem?
João F.S.E.
Aug 12 2016 14:34
hi, I am beyond confused. Can anyone tell me what this bug is about? "No Directive annotation found on MdAnchor "
Manuel Pacheco
Aug 12 2016 18:19
@jesperancinha is it a TS bug or a template bug (the ones who appear on console as ViewWrappedException)?
João F.S.E.
Aug 12 2016 19:21
@ShadowManu I'm a newbie at this stuff I have no idea what happened. I just updated everything to @angular instead of angular2 as I head before. It now works