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Aug 2016
André Wehlert
Aug 23 2016 06:38

hey @ all
is material design 1.1.0 cmpatible with the latest jquery version (3.1.0)?

i have this prob.:
vendors.js:438 TypeError: matchExpr[type].exec is not a function,<md-input-container class="md-block" id="sizzle1471932912244">

Marie-Pascale Chauvel
Aug 23 2016 13:50
Any good documentation or links to interesting examples of Material design for Angular?
Manuel Pacheco
Aug 23 2016 16:04
@mariepascale the angular material site?
Aug 23 2016 16:16
anyone around to take a look at this layout with a grid list? i can't seem to make it right.
Aug 23 2016 19:41
so i managed to get the layout working in chrome and firefox but in Safari on Iphone 6 there is overlap occurring between the two lists
Aug 23 2016 19:58
How can I customize the md-input with different styles
Hello everyone